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Writing an argumentative essay can be trick especially if it is your first time. However, it can also be easily achievable with the help of our experts. Justifying an argument requires the writer to have some things in mind. Fortunately, our professionals have these things at their fingertips and all you need is to hire them.

Basic Format

The nature of an argumentative essay varies widely within and across academic disciplines. However, the basic format remains the same. Firstly, the title must be interesting and cable of capturing the details of the essay but in a very brief manner. The title is intended to communicate the argument rather than the mere subject of the essay. Accordingly, it is possible to make it sound interesting. The title should be followed by an introductory paragraph. This paragraph is very important because it is the opening to your essay. It can easily capture or dismiss the attention of the reader. It should be brief and catchy. Furthermore, it should have the ability to prepare the reader for the other parts of the essay. The introduction should end with a thesis statement. The thesis statement should be clear and straight to the point. Depending on the nature of your topic, make sure that you capture the main arguments of the essay in the thesis statement. The thesis statement should take one sentence only.

The standard structure of the body of an argumentative essay requires each paragraph to begin with a topic sentence. The purpose of this structure is to allow the reader to know the argument of each paragraph as early as possible. The rest of the paragraph should provide points and evidence that supports the sub-argument and its connection to the overall essay. It is important to keep each topic simple and clear. Overcomplicating it with unnecessary details can dilute your argument. Avoid introducing multiple ideas in one paragraph because none of them will be discussed conclusively.

The last paragraph in an argumentative essay is the conclusion. Its purpose is to summarize the argument of the essay. Although it might seem repetitive and boring, do not make the mistake of omitting it. Your essay will be viewed as incomplete.

An argumentative essay seeks to convince and influence the judgement of an audience. Therefore, it should be written in a manner that makes a certain idea or situation believable. In most disciplines, the argumentative essay format is used to write controversial topics where the writer defends a particular point of view with supporting evidence. A well written argumentative essay persuades the audience to agree with an opinion.

The effectiveness of your argument is determined by the arrangement of your work. The supporting points should be arranged from the weakest to the strongest. Ideally, the weakest point should be presented in the first paragraph. Following this order allows an argument to build up more strength as the essay progresses. Each point should be presented together with all the likely counter-arguments. This provides the author with an opportunity to address all the opposing viewpoints.

Writing an Outline

An outline can be very helpful especially when you are writing an argumentative essay. Besides simplifying the work, it is a time saver. Once you have read the assignment and understood the question, acquire the required sources. If the sources are not specified, find high quality scholarly sources and arrange them in order of relevance. Before gathering the evidence, write down the thesis statement. The thesis statement is the foundation of the entire essay. All the arguments presented and their supporting evidence revolve around it. Once you are confident about your thesis statement begin to collect evidence while writing down all the important ideas. Note down the sub-arguments that support the main ideas.

Do not restrict yourself when writing an outline. It is just a rough draft aimed at helping writers with developing more compelling answers when working on the main paper. An outline can be adjusted as many times as possible.

Include a section for the counterarguments that the reader is likely to raise against your arguments. Make sure that you include them in your main paper and raise refuting facts. This reaffirms your main argument and shows confidence in your subject of discussion.

After completing an outline, read it clearly and see whether the ideas presented are relevant and logical. Look out for contradicting ideas that are likely to limit the presentation of your argument. Most importantly, check reasoning gaps, points that are not convincing, and dogmatic statements.


Use References to Support Your Work

 In case you intend to use quotes by other people in your work, ensure that you give credit to the original author. Citations and references improve the credibility of your work.

The Four Elements of Argumentative Writing

Although most people treat an argument as a form of disagreement, an argumentative essay is formal in nature. Rather than appearing like an angry quarrel, it presents concrete facts that are supported with evidence. Its purpose is to persuade with facts rather than mere claims. The four elements of an argumentative essay include; purpose, audience, support, and opposing viewpoints.

An argumentative essay should have a purpose. Before choosing an argument, it is important to be able to justify it. This is the only way that an author can convince the target audience conclusively. Each argument has its unique audience. It is critical to know the group of people that a particular argument addresses. It is easier to present evidence and the benefits of an argument when the target audience is well defined. An argument cannot be valid unless there is support. Support should be in form of solid and relevant facts that are hard to refute. However, people with a different point of view, always come up with counter arguments. Accordingly, opposing viewpoints must be addressed and refuted conclusively.