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Descriptive Essay Homework Help
Descriptive essays are very common especially in the early stages of a student life in a composition class. Mostly, the questions revolve around simple subjects such as childhood school experiences, summer vacations, favorite games, and special moments. The subjects make them sound easy but they are quite difficult because most students lack sufficient experience. Writing an essay for the first time is not easy despite the type of assignment. There is a lot of valuable knowledge that comes with experience. The reality is even harder for students who learn English as a foreign language. Consequently, our able experts provide first-rate descriptive essays at a subsidized price. They have vast knowledge and skills that put them ahead of all other service providers in the market.

Understanding Descriptive Writing

Descriptive writing can be defined as a form of writing that describes things or people with the aim of appealing to the senses of the target audience. It targets all the five human senses (Sight, taste, touch, hearing and smell). Accordingly, descriptive essays are highly detailed and colorful. They capture all the necessary information with catchy expressions and phrases so that the reader can acquire a vivid imagination of the intended message.

The Structure of a Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay has three main parts that include; introduction, body, and conclusion. The essay should flow in a manner that shows smooth transition from one part to another.

Introduction: The introduction states the general information about subject of the essay. The information should be relevant, concise, and capable of preparing the reader for the rest of the essay. The introduction concludes with a thesis statement that captures the specific purpose of the essay. The thesis statement should be highly specific because the rest of the essay seeks to fulfil it. Below is an example of a descriptive essay introduction.

My grandmother is the glue that keeps our family together. Although she is old and incapable of accomplishing much physically, there is fire that burns from inside her. This keeps her authority in our family evergreen. All family members from the oldest to the youngest treat her with utmost respect. The respect extends beyond family. Everybody in the neighborhood is deeply moved by her gracefulness. It is applauding to see a person that has lived for over 80 years commanding such respect. You would expect such a long life has created room for building friendships and establishing enmities as well. Whenever I look deeply into the matter, I realize it is all influenced character. Her character inspires strength and admiration. Indeed, grandma is courageous, kind, caring, and respectful.

The above introduction provides general information about the writer’s grandmother and ends with a thesis statement and indicates the main sub-topics for discussion in the body section.

Body: The body section ties the entire essay with the introduction and more specifically, the thesis statement. Accordingly, it is an in-depth coverage of the sub-arguments that are captured in the thesis statement.  Below is a brief example of a body paragraph.

Grandma is the most courageous woman I know. Although her past few years have been a roller-coaster, she has emerged stronger than before. It all started with the death of my grandfather. The two had been together for more than 45 years. He was her rock. They knew each other’s weaknesses but never allowed any of them to put them asunder. When grandpa died, grandma was devastated. Her spirits were low throughout the mourning period and at some point we thought she would leave us as well. However, after the burial she told us that her heart was at peace because she believes in life after death. A few years after grandpa’s death, my aunt was diagnosed with cancer. Nobody wanted to break the news to grandma because we feared she would die. Eventually, she learnt about it and told us that the future is not promised to anyone despite their health status. Since then, she has been instrumental to my aunt’s recovery journey. In the last two months, grandma’s health has deteriorated significantly. She is always in and out of the hospital. However, she has remained grateful despite the challenge. She feels so blessed and favored.

Conclusion: This is the last part of a descriptive essay.  This is where the author reaffirms the thesis statement and summarizes the entire essay in an interesting and original manner (not repeating information as written in the essay).  This makes the essay sound interesting from the beginning to the end.

Effective Descriptive Writing

Since descriptive writing is imaginative, there are things that students can do to sharpen their writing skills.

Visualizing before writing: Effective description creates a vivid image of the subject under discussion in the mind. The writer must begin by visualizing before writing and expecting others to experience the same. Interesting visual images makes a good descriptive essay. They are easy to put in writing because they trigger effective writing skills.  The mind of the writer is able to find quality descriptive words, phrases, and expressions and apply them efficiently.  For example, when describing expensive dinner, instead of using words like ‘so expensive’ the writer can use an idiom such as, ‘the dinner cost us an arm and a leg’.

Reading: Reading stories and novels can improve the skills required for descriptive writing significantly. Creative writers tend to use a lot of catchy expressions and idioms. Furthermore, they are effective at providing detailed descriptions of people, objects, places, and situations that they include in their stories.  Reading provides skills for emphasizing on precise details and creating vivid imaginations in the mind of the reader.

Use of similes and metaphors: Similes are figures of speech that compare two unlike things. A simile makes the readers mind attempt to visualize the object or person described in a particular way. A metaphor is a figure of speech that compares two unlike things in a more concentrated manner. Therefore it avoids words such as “like” and “as” and makes one thing appear like it is the other.