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​Looking for the best ‘do my homework’ site? Asking  yourself, “Who can do my homework?” Worry no more, Geek My Homework has made significant strides forward to become the ideal platform for students in need of all types of academic and homework help. With a primary focus on top quality, 100% plagiarism-free papers, GeekmyHomeWork continues to top the chart in the provision of superlative services that meet the particular needs of students.  The dedication to high-quality work continues to inform our business decisions. For instance, GeekmyHomeWork provides specialized academic support and homework help to students requiring immediate academic assistance. The ability to provide specialized, student-tailored, and instruction-specific assignment and homework help has earned us a place in the highest echelons of academia to crowdsource homework and assignment help. Our primary focus as GeekmyHomeWork is to help students struggling with questions like, “who can do my homework now?” or students requiring on-demand, immediate homework help.

Do My Homework Writing Services:  A Guarantee to get your Homework Done with Ease.

Do my homework writing services has since its inception proven to not only be an ideal but also one of the most effective and efficient solutions for students especially those with assignments that have short submission deadlines. Besides serving as a qualified online based essay writing service, it also serves as a guarantee to offer students with extremely high quality academic papers within the set deadline.

Simply put, this writing service is by far the best solution to you or any other student who might be wondering or trying to figure out how make that mathematics or any other assignment done properly. This is because the available do my homework online writing services are extremely reliable.Another good thing about this writing service is the fact that by merely closely collaborating with your chosen team of writing experts, the end result would definitely be an all rounded assignment that’s been completed taking in consideration all of the assignment’s requirements and in a timely fashion (All this regardless of the deadline set).


Why you should opt for do my Homework for me cheap Services.

First off, as a student you are guaranteed top notch do my homeworkwriting services. Besides that, you will also come to appreciate the customer service when making inquiries about how to get your assignment done. To crown it all up, you will be able to enjoy some of the lowest rates when placing your orders. Over the years, we have been able to build a reputation as the leading do my homework for me cheap service provider and this has largely worked in our favor. It is because of this that as an agency we do not necessary need to charge exorbitant prices just so we can break even (make a stable income from our do my homework writing services). From the above, you can also clearly see why our platform is by far the most ideal to send your next “do my homework” request to.

The presently available do my homework for me cheap services online are not only a great solution to international students but for anyone who is interested in value for money in a timely fashion. Instead of going through the hassle of doing everything by yourself, simply head to the platform and proceed to place your assignment order after which you will immediately get professional do my homework now help.

Simply put below are some of the reasons you should seriously consider taking up do my homework online writing services, they include the fact that:

1. Our policies in terms of pricing make our services extremely accessible to students from all over the globe.
2. You will get experts to do your homework guaranteeing you 100% plagiarism-free research papers (academic work) upon request.
3. All of our writers are properly trained, have vast writing experience and understand the significance of adhering to all specified writingrequirements/instructions.
4. Each and every homework assignment or case study or research paper is written from scratch: there are absolutely no pre-written assignments for when you place and assignment order similar to a pre written topic.
5. Free revisions, our writers guarantee you an unlimited number of revisions after working on your order. What this means is that, in the event you are not fully satisfied with the final quality of your project then you are free to ask to have it revised for free as many times as you deem fit


Benefits of pay someone to do my Homework for me services.

Just so you have a clear idea of what exactly it is that you would be entitled to upon seeking the do my homework for me cheap services, below is a list of the benefits you should expect, they include the fact that:

a. Your homework / assignment delivered on time.
b. Your assignment would be done without your involvement. Assignments would be written from scratch. This means upon placing your order, the final piece delivered to you would definitely be uniquely written academic work. As a matter of fact, those tasked with working on your assignment would pay close attention to the provided for writing instructions. As a result, the final piece would be that which satisfactorily fulfills the primary objective of the assignment in question.
c. You will have additional free time which you will be able to make use of as you deem fit.
d. Your assignment would earn you the academic performance of a nerd.
e. You will enjoy 100% privacy (Complete confidentiality); this means no on in your inner circle would ever know that you have reached out to us for assistance doing your homework.
f. You will have access to round the clock dedicated and Goal Oriented customer service. From this you will also be entitled to procedures which wholly correspond to the existing terms of service. In short, as the client, you are guaranteed an individual and extremely professional do my homework help when it comes to the handling of each order.
g. Unlimited access to experienced expert writers who fully understand what exactly is required to complete your assignment via live chats.

In addition to all of the above, you can also rest easy knowing that all orders (regardless of how challenging they might seem or how technical they might be) would be worked on within the set deadline. In short, the do my homework online writing services does not necessarily care about how difficult or technical your assignment might be, as long as you place an order, you can rest be assured that it would be worked on. You can also get homework assistance from 

How to place a do my homework online request?

You will be happy to learn that the process of placing an order for do my homework for me cheap is extremely easy and fast. The first step involves registering yourself on the platform and then proceeding to fill in the required forms with the necessary details. Next, you proceed to provide any additional information relevant to the writing of your assignment for instance: The type of paper you are looking forward to having written etc

Once all of the above is done, you then proceed to pick whichever writer you personally feel is best suited to work on your order. The best way to do this is to go through the reviews made by other students who may have previously used that same writer you may be interested in. alternatively, a more direct approach would involve asking the writer in question directly if they can deliver quality work on the order as instructed. Take note, when it comes to do my homework now writing services, refrain from procrastinating especially if the deadline is fast approaching. Instead create an account immediately on the platform and proceed as required to place your assignment order.


About our expert writers who can make any papers. 

Besides the several years of experience working on various kinds of assignments for both local and international students, our team of experienced and extremely skilled writers is yet another thing for which we are proud of. This is because overtime, they have proven to have the capacity to assist with any kind of coursework relatively fast (meaning as the student once you place your order, you wouldn’t have to wait for long before you get the final piece).

As a matter of fact, the moment you opt for do my homework now writing services, trust that it would be immediately taken up by our expert writers and in turn leaving you with a ton of free time to enjoy student life without necessarily worrying about any aspect of your academic assignment. In addition to all of the above, we are also more than happy to take you through any queries while at the same time providing you with any additional information whether it is price quotes or better yet answers about the terms of cooperation or guarantees.

We fully comprehend the need for mutual trust between a do my homework online service provider and the student hence the reason we have made sure that our writing team offers top notch do my homeworkwriting services help to a whole new level. Simply put, all our writers have a variety of writing tricks and approaches that serve as a guarantee to help students complete their coursework. As a matter of fact, our team has the capacity to come up with a comprehensive, custom-written and most importantly plagiarism free research paper that upon request will always be delivered on time.

Apart from enjoying flexibility of the services on offer once you opt for do my homework now writing services, get experts to do your homeworkwho would strive to exceed your expectations and among other things guarantee you the following in the process:

a. Top notch work, this is achieved through the careful selection of relevant and corresponding topics related to your assignment and is done in the process of writing. In addition to the above, writers would also specify their writing arguments while at the same time featuring facts to support some of the main ideas.
b. Professional approach to writing, this is achieved through the inclusion of an appealing introduction as well as a comprehensive conclusion. Also included is the identification and subsequent use of all relevant and appropriate academic sources.
c. Countless order quality checks, this is achieved through perfect writing and careful proof reading of the main aspects of the assignment. All this while also closely adhering to the set of instructions provided for by you the student.
d. Round the clock client support.
e. Countless plagiarism checks for your research paper.
f. Countless revisions.

In addition to the above, you will also benefit from the chat feature which in turn would make direct communication with the professional do my homework help expert executing your order instant.

Is it Worth to Pay Someone to Do My Homework Assignments?

Are you looking for an experienced writer to help you with your assignment? If yes, then you should rest easy knowing that it is precisely because of such that we are operational. Besides Having built a good reputation as a reliable do my homework writing service provider, we have well trained writers. Get experts to do your homework are solely dedicated to helping you and any other student with your assignment.

The help you will get when it comes to your assignment would be unequitable regardless of the nature of the assignment in question for instance regardless of whether it is a normal essay, a book report, case study or even if it is a movie review. Simply put, any member from our team of experts is able to work on your order in a timely fashion as that is what they have been trained to do (serve you professionally).

Our do my homework now writing services cover a wide range of topics. Another important thing about our writing service is the fact that our expert team of writers always take into consideration specific writing requirements as well as student writing requests when working on orders. From all of the above, the final piece will always be a custom, comprehensive and complete assignment. An original paper that is not close to anything you can easily get a hold of from the internet or even copy from a fellow student.

In addition to all of the above about whether it is worthy to opt for do my homework services, you should also be aware that as the service provider we take meeting set deadlines very seriously. Just so you get a feel of how serious we treat meeting of writing deadlines, kindly go through previous student/customer reviews and testimonials. In short, we understand the significance of working on and making submissions on time. As much as it might cost you something extra, in the end you will personally agree that it is truly worth it as you will get value for money in terms of the final quality of the assignment submitted to you for review. As a student, you should always keep in mind the fact that do my homework services exists to help you get your assignments done in the best way. It therefore goes without say that, the next time you are looking for quality or professional do my homework help with your homework then choose any of our writers as they would all be glad to assist you get your assignment done in the best way possible. By the time you get the final piece and go through it, you can completely rule out any disappointment and look forward to your grades skyrocketing.


Online platforms represent crucial facilities to communicate and converse with thousands of students across the globe. The emergence of platforms like, Yahoo Answers, Binge, and hundreds of other learning support platforms enable thousands, maybe millions of students to interact and share information at the click of a finger. GeekmyHomeWork has joined this rapidly growing network of academic and homework assistance platforms that crowdsource homework help to students. Our primary focus as a website and a system is to deliver assignments and homework help exclusively through online means. This means that students can tap into the existing digital infrastructure, precisely website through the internet, and using the email address to convey his or her credentials. These digital resources afford the convenience and flexibility of communicating with a homework assistance manager, writer or expert in GeekmyHomeWork and receive homework help instantly.

Students seeking to receive homework help online can achieve that in four basic steps. The first step is to locate and identify the GeekmyHomeWork official website. The next step is to proceed with the registration and fill brief personal information. The third step is to present the instructions for your paper in writing, this can be achieved by simply providing or availing all the relevant information (in writing) or verbally (recorded) to enable our experts to embark on the writing. The final step is to receive progress feedback from the support about the progress of your homework or assignment. As a result, students struggling with questions like who will do my homework online can rest assured that GeekmyHomeWork provides instant help to thousands of struggling students. This means that the site continues to work and network with thousands of students worldwide while acting as an academic pillar in the provision of formalized academic support and assistance to students outside the class.


GeekmyHomeWork services are earmarked by the highest level of professionalism. The ability to uphold this level of professionalism has been our life-long dedication to specific principles, values, and practices. For instance, the site offers 24/hour online chat support which means that clients can get responses about the progress of their work or assignment within five minutes of sending a text through the chatbox. This 24/7 chat box also provides a means of correcting issues, solving problems, and dealing with inconsistencies through this funnel of requesting and receiving assignments and homework. Achieving professional homework help has also been facilitated by the fact that we hire experts and qualified instructors.GeekmyHomeWork hiring and recruitment programs have been channeled toward identifying and recruiting experts. Our focus is to provide the highest level of specialized academic help to students. This means that the site seeks to identify and recruit experts with sound academic credentials and who can comfortably handle highly specialized assignments in all disciplines.

Part of our professionalism is the double-checking of submitted copies. The existence of a quality assurance function seeks to satisfy the fact that papers meet all the detailed instructions. This means that the QA department at GeekmyHomeWork serves a central purpose of assuring the maximum help and academic assistance. Most importantly, this counter-checking provides a crucial model of ensuring there is less revision and that students are well informed of the different academic needs of students. It is important to acknowledge that GeekmyHomeWork continues to provide opportunities to thousands of students to meet and interact with professional academics and experts. The platform supports a streamlined communication between scholars and tutors. This communication further acts as critically underpinning in empowering students at every step of their academic life. We hope that GeekmyHomeWork will target and achieve improved outcomes. The ability to create a functional platform that recognizes the needs and demands of students continues to define our mission and vision as a platform.

GeekmyHomeWork workforce is built of more than 400 writers with specialties in diverse subjects. Individual assignments are particularly assigned to qualified and competent writers and researchers in every discipline. This means that GeekmyHomeWork's ability to satisfy the diverse needs of clients and students stems from its life-long culture of hiring a diverse team of researchers who are fully dedicated to quality, functional academic help. This means that our focus as a system is to deliver assignments and on-demand copies of professionally written papers that meet and exceed student need. Doing this requires that GeekmyHomeWork remains fully dedicated towards the identification, recruitment, and retention of the best talent and best skills. Therefore, this is an opportunity for students struggling with questions like, "who can do my assignment for me?" GeekmyHomeWork encompasses the relevant systems, capabilities, and networks to help and enable thousands of students to achieve their primary goals and objectives. Students, scholars, educators, and assistants requiringdifferent types of academic and homework help can rest assured of a quality output that is specifically tailored to their needs.


Perhaps this is a question most people have struggled with, "who can do my homework for cheap?" Well, for years, GeekmyHomeWork has worked with experts and scholars with high credentials and academic certifications. This means that paying such a team requires that clients compensate adequately for the work done. Therefore, as a system and a platform, GeekmyHomeWork enables clients to interact with writers and meet their academic goals for cheap. It must be established that our services are earmarked by cheap provisions. However, to achieve a low-cost strategy, clients must observe quite some facts about our ordering system. Orders or projects with a relatively long deadline charge less than orders that demand quite a short deadline. This means that an order that was placed on 1st and had a deadline of 10th will charge far less than an order or homework assignment request placed on 1st and the deadline is said, around 3rd or 4th. Students struggling with questions like, “Who can do my Homework for cheap can rest assured of quality and timely services that meet and exceed their particular needs and expectations.


It is a known fact that college life is fraught with issues like poor financial status, primarily due to lack of employment or in some cases poor parental financial support. Students with significant financial input and assistance from parents often find it easier to access specialized services and can hire experts to guide them in their outside-the-class academic works. GeekmyHomeWork billing system enables students to access academic services at lower budgets. Clients or students outsourcing services or assignments can talk to the payment department to determine conditions, discounts or coupons that can be offered to help lower the student service cost. Our sensitivity to prices alongside the ability to set strategic prices and costs continues to underpin our mission and vision and provides a unique bearing on our approach and focus. Therefore, this is an opportunity for students who have struggled with questions like, "who can do my homework for cheap?" GeekmyHomeWork payment and billing policy provide a flexible framework to meet and address discrete budgetary and financial needs suffered by students requiring immediate homework help and assistance.


The GeekmyHomeWork platform offers superior writing services, at the lowest cost, and with the highest level of urgency and professionalism. The homework writing services offered by GeekmyHomeWork are shaped by the instructions and specifications offered by the client. Each paper closely follows and conforms to the instructions initially offered by the client. Anytime, the site has made it possible for clients or students to request free revisions or instant feedbacks. The money-back-guarantee is a policy that seeks to ensure that different categories of clients are well-compensated and that the site provides instant refunds to clients for unsatisfactory work and output. The ability of GeekmyHomeWork to demonstrate high levels of professionalism in the writing services offered on a routine basis. Do my homework writing services continue to benefit thousands of students across the globe; particularly those who cannot meet their academic expectations on a timely basis. A busy schedule, tight deadlines, and multiple commitments are some of the leading causes of homework failures. This means that bright, talented students may fail to provide or deliver assignments on a timely basis due to unavoidable causes of circumstances. GeekmyHomeWork has bridged this gap through the provision of on-demand, cheap, and high-quality homework assistance.

Our writing services provide the most convenience and flexibility to a team of clients. The homework writing services are driven by the need to satisfy the client's needs, through the provision of information and data that is uniquely tailored to the provided assignment. A crucial part of the quality assurance function is to constantly counter-check submitted copies to ensure they adequately address the requested instructions. Also, clients are required to maintain a streamlined line of communication with writers to ensure that the papers meet the emerging assignment needs and that different requirements are addressed. In cases of missed instructions, the system or website is ready to offer instant amendments or adjustments. However, in very critical conditions, the site may demand that clients compensate writers for work done, or similarly, the money-back guarantee can be offered after a complete evaluation of any complaints or issues. It must be established that GeekmyHomeWork's commitment to superior services, alongside the quality assurance function, has enabled the website to remain committed to meeting the ever-changing client needs and requirements. The primary objective of GeekmyHomeWork is to nurture lasting relationships with clients while offering consumers better value. This culture and tradition have enabled the website to connect and maintain links with thousands of students.


Homework help is one of the most sought services in the world today. Students are faced with a flurry of activities like weekend parties, museum visits, tours, travels, and other outdoor activities that make it hard to create time for homework. Therefore, this means that questions like where I can get my homework help are likely to linger in the minds of thousands of students as the week approaches the end. At GeekmyHomeWork we have a team of experts who can offer instant, professional academic and research services that are tailored to the individual needs of students. Our ability to feature a digital infrastructure earmarked by applications, software programs, and networks provides GeekmyHomeWork with special access to thousands of students across the globe. The company aims at creating resilient systems while enhancing its overall levels of access and service provision. Doing this means that we will have to protect the values, principles, and norms that have constantly defined our business model.

Homework help is one of the greatest forms of assistance that students seek. This means that the ability to offer regular and constant homework help will assist students to manage extra-curriculum activities, most of which are not undertaken due to students' involvement in homework. GeekmyHomeWork trust in the contribution of third-party players in the educational sector. For instance, most colleges and universities set high standards, and expect students to demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism, accuracy, and efficiency in all their academic undertakings. Outside the class assistance like the crowdsourcing of homework becomes significant when the student requires third-party assistance and technical help to accomplish and learn from the ideas of others. At GeekmyHomeWork, our approach has been to consistently meet the rising student needs. Our policy is to deliver instant assignment and homework help while assisting students. Therefore, students struggling with questions like who can do my homework or where can I get the homework help are common questions that students are likely to deal with.


Different disciplines have different educational and instructional requirements. For instance, law papers may require proof of constitutional and legal quotations, while finance papers may require a presentation of copies of companies' financial statements. At GeekmyHomeWork we get experts to do your homework by liaising with persons whose qualifications and credentials demonstrate their capabilities to meet changing requirements. When we get experts to do your homework, you can rest assured of four major provisions; (a) quality work that meets and exceeds the requirements and client expectations, (b) free revisions which mean that clients can provide additional instruction and the writer will handle the revision at no extra cost. Also, (c) one-on-one communication between students and writers (or researchers) to ensure that instructions are met at every step of the paper, (d) specialized, expert support and instructions. The ability to link students to their educational needs continues to provide better insight into our goal and focus as a company.

If you have ever reached a point where you wanted to get experts to do your homework, or where you wondered who would handle your work on time, then you are in the right place. GeekmyHomeWork understands the ever-changing dynamics of academic writing. The site is committed to offering superior services that are targeted at solving client needs. The focus of GeekmyHomeWork is to constantly ensure that clients enjoy the very best, superior services. Our outlook on quality services has enabled us to create a pool of satisfied clients. Most importantly is that our focus on quality continues to power our mission and vision.

The company believes that students can make a great profession and career by getting the help they require from a trusted and credible academic and research provider. This means that students spend no more than 4 minutes on order placement and save several days of their time on research. Trusted experts are hired to deal with changing assignment requirements. Our platform allows students to outsource their research papers, assignments, and homework in a hassle-free manner through a company with great reviews and flawless reputations. Our superior customer service and top-quality assignments have enabled us to remain on top of the ladder. Most importantly, we look forward to expanding our portfolio to meet and exceed client expectations. Doing this will require that we establish partnerships with thousands of writers and that we keep our networks both formal and open to clients and students. It is with great pleasure that GeekmyHomeWork welcomes students with varying academic needs to contact trusted experts for their assignment needs.


The GeekmyHomeWork extends opportunities for students to pay someone to do my homework. This means that GeekmyHomeWork's large infrastructure supports and sustains networks between experts and students seeking professionally written homework and assignment. The goal of GeekmyHomeWork is to create a sustainable platform that enables clients to interact and meet regularly. This means that provisions like chat boxes, landing pages, the electronic mail registration, instruction form, and message icon serve different purposes in the assignment request process. Therefore, students struggling with questions like, "How can I pay someone to do my homework?" are assured on a lasting solution. The GeekmyHomeWork deploys the necessary systems and networks to ensure that students enjoy the best services at affordable and competent rates. For a long time, it was hard to pay someone to handle your assignment. The tradition schooling model required that students complete their assignments in hardcopies and deliver these assignments before time. This means that students had to sit down and conduct research from secondary materials before they were transferred in writing.

New digital capabilities characterized by the internet, electronic mail, and other provisions continue to make it easy for students to order their assignments and homework. Whether sitting at a MacDonald's waiting line, eating dinner at the Starbucks Store or shopping at Walmart, the student can use their smartphone devices to log in to our sites, copy and paste their homework instructions, upload the necessary files, and initiate an order placement. This capability continues to make it easy for GeekmyHomeWork to connect with thousands of scholars across the globe. Another capability that has enhanced academic writing is the existence of thousands, maybe millions of copies and published repositories. Digital platforms are presently storage for millions of published copies and books, which in this case enables millions of students across the world to access a plethora of information on diverse subjects. Our experts at GeekmyHomeWork have access to millions of trusted archives like Google Books which provides unlimited access to materials and repositories.




GeekmyHomeWork began as a dream to assist students facing tight schedules but still required to meet their academic requirements. Imagine a student undergoing a painful break-up with a long-time boyfriend and confidante; this is a student who will struggle with her research and routine assignment due to effects on her emotional and psychological state. Also, imagine a student whose parent is ailing in a Hospital in South Asia, the student just received a call that his father has been admitted in a hospital, and the mother is struggling with a rising hospital bill. This student is expected to complete his term paper, deliver the paper in time and pass. Also, imagine hundreds of students trapped in the social life of partying and raving, and hundreds more who engage in routine travels and tours over the weekend. These activities leave less room for students to engage in academic and homework activities. The goal of GeekmyHomeWork has been to provide solutions and long-term help to thousands of students who are committed to their students but are unable to meet the routine homework requirements due to tight schedules particular over the weekends and during summers.

Interview Essay Assignment Help

Want help with interview essay assignment? You do not need to look further. You have found the perfect place. We offer the best interview essays because we care about your grades. We are purposely here to ensure that your academic performs shoots to a higher level.  Furthermore, we put into consideration factors such as time, financial capability, and the technicalities of your assignment. Our experts deliver all assignments on time. We charge fair prices because we understand the financial challenges experienced by students. Lastly, we look at the instructions provided in each assignment to ensure that all the requirements and demands are met. Overall, we emphasize on quality because working for you is our profession.

Interview Essay Definition

 An interview essay is a form of writing that seeks to provide information regarding a specific subject through people as the resources. Therefore, it is different from other forms of writing that require sources such as books, class notes, and research papers. The interview format is commonly applied in employment settings where the qualifications of potential applicants are determined through a face-to-face, telephone, video chats, and other forms of question-answer interactions. Interviews are a good way of sharpening communication skills. They foster efficiency in two-way communication where an individual is supposed to speak and listen at the same time.

Preparation before Conducting an Interview

As the interviewer there are some steps you need to take for thorough preparation of the interview.

Self-Valuation: Begin by engaging in a self-evaluation process so that the interview can be successful. Analyze your skills, level of experience, nature of the interview to be conducted, and personal goals and objectives. Consider a defined self-evaluation approach such as SWOT (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) for effective personal analysis. The SWOT framework is very powerful because it exhausts all the personal points that can improve or lower your interview conducting abilities. SWOT analysis allows individuals to identify their strengths and abilities and determine how to capitalize on them. It also helps with identification of weaknesses that limit the productivity of an individual. For example, this approach can help you discover that you are not a good listener. Such a discovery allows you to prepare in a way that the weakness will not be a limiting factor. For example, you can choose a written interview approach instead of speaking directly to the interviewee. Lastly, SWOT analysis looks into threats and opportunities. This provides an analysis on your competition and working environment. You get an opportunity to capitalize on opportunities and seal the loopholes that can allow threats to take over.

Know the basics: There are basic things that an interviewer should do to make the interview more lively and interesting especially if it is a face-to-face interaction. Firstly, it is important to make an impression. The process of impressing begins from your physical appearance to your behavior. Dressing in a manner that fits your interview is fundamental. Secondly, your facial expressions and overall body language should portray positive energy. Establishing a rapport makes the interviewee feel confident, comfortable, and welcome. Simple things such as a smile, handshake, eye contact, and good posture speak volumes.

Conduct a background research: Look deeply into the subject under investigation. Focus on the purpose of the essay, the question it seeks to answer, and the target audience. Conduct a background research for the person or institution that is supposed to participate in the interview. If it is a company, you can look at their website and gather information that can help in developing constructive questions. Look in to previous interviews by your target and use them as a guide. They will provide information on the most suitable subject and questions. Use the information you gather to determine to most suitable interview format. For example, the data should provide a guide for choosing opened-ended or yes or no interview questions.

Making Arrangements for the Interview: Acquiring all the necessary information paves way for making interview arrangements. During this stage, the interviewer reaches out to the interviewee to discuss the appropriate time for the interview and details such as location, permission for video and audio recording, and consent for using the interview in class work and other places. An interview should be conducted in a quiet place that is also free from distractions. If possible, it is best to conduct an interview during the day because of issues such as security and lighting (especially when video recording is required).

Conducting the interview: Once the preparations are over, it is time to conduct the interview. As the interviewer, it is your responsibility to get to the location before time. Remember that you are supposed to welcome your guest. Not the other way round.  Remember to carry all the props. For example, do not forget your recording devices if video or audio recording is part of the process.  Once the interview begins, ensure that you write down the answers. Be patient with the interviewee. Ask questions in a respectful manner and provide enough time for answers. Do not ask questions that undermine the confidence of the interviewee. Furthermore, avoid biased questions because they undermine the credibility of the entire interview.

Writing the essay: This is the last step and the ultimate goal in the entire preparation process. It is the stage where you present your findings in a narrative, conversational, or question-answer format. The planning of your essay depends on the chosen format.  Overall, an interview essay should have three sections that include; introduction, body, and conclusion.  The introduction is the opening section of the essay. It provides the question asked or subject of the essay and a summary of its background information. The introduction closes with a thesis statement. The body captures the details of the interview but on the basis of the chosen format. The conclusion reaffirms the thesis statement and its supporting points.