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History Homework Help

The topic does not matter, our highly educated experts can provide thorough answers to any historical questions. Since we care more about your grades, we hire new history experts every year to make sure that all our clients receive the services that they deserve. Some of the common history subjects that our experts cover include; world history, American history, American government, ancient civilizations, European history, and the history of Western democracies.

World History

World history covers all possible subjects that affect the world and everything that has happened in it in the past. It begins from speculation to things that were actually witnessed and continue to shape the changes that take place in the world today. As much as world history is not given as much weight as it should, the record of mankind on earth and his achievements throughout time and different ages is very important. It provides a clear understanding of the past, the present, and how the future is likely to develop. World history covers different stages of human civilization and their influence on the current world.

American History

American history covers very many areas because historical education is very wide. There are different historical aspects that are emphasized in different courses and stages of learning. However, all of them are crucial because they focus on the lives of the American people and the changes that have affected them over time. Most of these changes are either social, cultural, political, or economical. In most cases, historical questions fall under the economic history of the US, American imperialism, World War I and II, the civil war, the US constitutional issues, the US agricultural history, slavery, American religious history, and the history of the American people.

American Government’

 The American government history is an integral part of the American history. It covers the changes that have occurred in the American political arena since the colonial period. As Americans sought liberation from colonial powers, they paved way for their system of governance which has advanced over time to contribute more to a more equal society. The United States has a democratic system of governance which has undergone significant changes in both historical and contemporary points of view.

Ancient Civilizations

The subject of ancient civilizations covers the way of life of people that lived during the early times in terms of developed. These people came together as communities and settled to form a foundation for nations and empires. The study of human civilization mainly begins from the Neolithic age since human population was quite small during the Paleolithic age. The Neolithic age was dominated by agricultural activities that led to significant population increase. It is believed that the oldest Neolithic societies had settled in the Middle East. Notable attention is given to areas along Euphrates and Tigris rivers in an area known as Mesopotamia. This area grew from small towns to urban centers where new technologies created employment for many people. Crafts like pottery and manufacturing activities such as production of weapons led to accumulation wealth thereby influencing political authority and social classes.

European History

European history emphasizes on different areas concerning European social, cultural, economic, and political issues of the past. Whether it is ancient or modern European history, all this issues come into play and they have shaped the current Europe in different ways. It is important to note that different countries in Europe have a unique historical past.

Women in America

 The history of women in the United States began to gain attention during the mid-20th century (late 1960s and early 1970s) when feminism reemerged. Prior to that, women had played a critical role in contributing to national issues such as revolutions, politics, and social issues but their efforts were barely recognized.

The History of Western Democracies

 Some of the areas covered in the history of western democracies include British political history, American politics, and France political history. The notable political changes in British politics began several years before the Victorian Age. During the 1820s there was significant pressure for change. People longed for the abolishment of religious restrictions, better representation of the people in parliament, and secret ballot among other issues. All these demands were met but at different times. During the Victorian age, Queen Victoria embraced many values that defined her reign. Many people gained confidence in the future even though agitation for social reforms persisted among the middle and lower class citizens. A major political shift occurred in the 1860s when existing political parties regrouped leading to the formation of two parties that fought for many reforms. In the 19th century, Britain experienced significant changes in the social and economic arenas because of numerous reforms.

The most notable changes in the political environment of France began in the 1840s when Napoleon III established the Second Empire. The early years of Napoleon III reign are associated with dictatorship because of the manner in which political activities were conducted. Furthermore, news outlets were strictly monitored to ensure that the information reaching the masses was in accordance to the will of the political class. In the 1860s, Napoleon III implemented some constitutional reforms to extend democratic rights to the people and power to the legislature. There are many changes that occurred after France went into war with Prussia. Major changes such as separation of churches from the state, and women’s rights that took place in the 20th century.

 Although the US was the most liberal country in the 1800s, its system of governance required significant changes. Several groups of people were denied rights to vote and enslaved Black people did not have basic human rights. Accordingly, reformers longed for numerous changes including the abolishment of slavery, better rights for women, equal voting rights. After the civil war, the United States entered into a stage of economic growth and numerous social reforms. As the country moved to becoming an industrial giant, it also advanced democratically for the social betterment of its people.