homework-writing-service Frequently Asked Questions

How does our platform work?

GeekMyHomework was developed to help students get help with all their custom writing assignments. At GeekMyHomework.com, you can get help with different types of writing that include term papers, coursework, application essays, class assignments, annotated bibliographies, speech writing among other writing tasks. What you need to do is fill the order form and proceed to secure payment which will submit your order to us. After that, we assign your order to the most suitable writer in your field. When the writer is done and uploads your order, you can access and download your completed paper from your personal account on our website. Let's take a closer look at how GeekMyHomework.com works:

Step 1: Fill in your Order Details

Here, you are expected to provide as much information as possible about your assignment. You will be required to indicate the number of pages/words that you need written for you. Additionally, you will be required to select the field of study that your assignment falls under and the specific type of a paper that you want such as a thesis, a dissertation chapter, an essay or a term paper. if you may require additional features for your order such as a specific writer to be assigned (if it is your second and subsequent time order), digital copies of the sources used and SMS delivery of notifications about your specified order. If you have any additional files that you think will be crucial in the completion of your order, you will be able to add them to your order after you have submitted it. When filling the order form, you will be required to also choose the payment method that will be most appropriate for you from the choices we offer (Skrill and PayPal).

Step 2: Pay for Your Order

The second step is after you have filled all the order details and your account information on the order form and clicked the "Submit Order" button. Here, you will be redirected to either Skrill or PayPal to make your payment depending on the payment method you chose in the first step. Please take note that your order will be posted only after you have completed the payment process. This is the case because we need to ascertain your commitment before we can start working on your order. After your order is successfully posted, it will be displayed in your personal account under "Pending Orders" until we assign it to a writer.

Step 3: Professional Writer Assigned

We assign your order to the most proficient writer in your field. Your order automatically moves to "Orders in Progress" section of your personal account immediately we assign it to a writer. You should note that we have more than seven hundred active writers at any given time. Therefore, it is very rare for us to lack a writer to complete your order. Each writer assigned to a specific order is highly capable of executing it.

Step 4: Download Your Paper from Your personal Account

When the writer is done working on your order, they will post the answer to the files section of your order, your order will automatically move out of "Orders in Progress" section into the "Completed Orders" section. To download and view the file attached you will need to navigate to the files section of your order. You can then approve the order if it meets all your requirements. You may also request for a free revision of your order according to our free revisions policy.

How do I pay for my order? Is it safe to pay via your website?

At the moment, we have two payment options: Skrill and PayPal. You should note that these two companies are internationally recognized for monetary transactions and have been in operation for a very long time now. As such, all the details that you submit while paying for your order are securely guarded by the strong systems that these companies employ. Additionally, our company has an additional security layer which is the SSL encryption of all the information on transit. We strongly believe that your information is highly guarded from any prying eyes and you should have nothing to worry about while paying for your order.

Is your service private and confidential?

When you order a paper at GeekMyHomework.com, you will be required to enter your personal information such as email address and phone number. However, you should note that this information is strictly for the purposes of your account and any communication that GeekMyHomework may deem necessary. Take note that neither GeekMyHomework nor its representatives will ever ask you for your credit card information that you are required to enter on Skrill or PayPal while submitting your order. In case you encounter such a case, you should be highly suspicious and refrain from giving such information. The phone number that you submit is strictly for the purposes of order notifications via Short Message Texts (SMSs); such messages are sent only when you order for them as an additional feature.

Your personal information is highly guarded by GeekMyHomework and is never shared with third parties. The orders that you submit stay in your personal account and can be accessed by only you apart from our support and the writer working on it. Information regarding such orders are never disclosed either on the web or offline. As such, you should never have qualms about your security when placing an order with us.

Why do you charge so low/high?

While calculating the price of any given order, such factors as academic level, type of writing required, number of pages and the urgency of that particular order are taken into consideration. Strictly speaking, no two different orders will have exactly similar prices unless they have similar specifications. As such you will expect to have some orders costing lower and others higher. For example, a PhD order whose turnaround time is 8 hours will definitely cost higher that a High School order with similar turnaround time. While placing your order, keep in mind that different writers are assigned different orders according to their academic qualifications. As such, choose the specifications of your order carefully to avoid dissatisfaction or multiple revisions.

Do you have a money back guarantee if I am dissatisfied?

Yes, we have a refund policy that guides the refund process and the eligible reasons for refund. If you are dissatisfied in a way with the custom paper that your writer has submitted, you may request for a revision. If, after multiple such revisions and the writer doesn't answer your questions appropriately, you may choose to file a dispute against the responsible writer. Our dispute resolution department will review your case and determine if the writer responded accordingly to your order. If they decide in your favor, you get 100% of your money back.

Who will do my homework?

Our writers come from the United States, United Kingdom and the rest of the world. The hiring criterion used to recruit our writers is overly strict to ensure that we sieve in only the best. As you may be interested to know, the lowest qualification for each writer is a Bachelor's Degree. Therefore, you should rest assured that any writer assigned to your order is sufficiently qualified to work on it. Amongst the many criteria that we use to assign orders to writers include:

Can I choose a specific writer?

If you have ordered a paper with us previously and liked a particular writer's work or a friend recommended to you a certain writer, you may decide to choose them as your preferred writer to complete your next project. To assign your order a specific writer, simply enter their Writer ID while filling the order form. Remember that choosing a specific writer is an additional feature that is charged an extra of $5 which will go to the specified writer's account as an incentive for their impressive job.

What are the formatting features of the papers you write for me?

All our papers are written in standard, acceptable academic formats. Specifically, these are formats include 12 point Times New Roman/Aerial, 275 words per page, double spaced. We also recognize that there are times when you are instructed to write a single spaced paper and we have included that format to our order form; 12 point Times New Roman/Aerial, 550 words per page, single spaced. All papers will be written in these formats. If you need a paper with a different formatting style, remember to clearly indicate this in the order instructions field of the order form when submitting your order.

Will my paper be plagiarism-free?

All the essays that we deliver to you are original. Our plagiarism-free guarantee serves to ensure that you don't get any copied work that may be a duplicate of internet open sources. Therefore, when you download your paper, we advise that you check it for plagiarism using plagiarism checking service from turnitin.com. When you file a dispute against a writer on grounds of plagiarism, we shall expect you to attach a plagiarism report of the submitted paper to the files section of your order as an evidence of the existing plagiarism. In such cases, your money will be refunded according to our refund policy without further questioning.

How do I send files/additional materials/articles to my writer?

After you have submitted your order, you will be provided with a personal account at GeekMyHomework.com where you can access and monitor the progress of your order. When you click on "View" a certain order, you will see the files section where you can upload and submit any files or additional material you may wish to send to your writer. The writer will be notified of the additional material and they can access them from their personal account at GeekMyHomework.com.

What are the "Digital Copies of Sources Used" listed as an additional feature?

These are excerpts, scanned pages of the books, saved copies of web pages, articles or direct links of any sources used as references for your written paper. These are provided upon your request as may be required by your professor. You may also want to request for digital copies of the sources used in order to fully justify what kind of information was used to come up with your paper. Remember that if your order includes a request for this feature, you will be charged an additional $14 on top of your order's cost.

When will my assignment be completed?

At GeekMyHomework, we strive to abide by every deadline set by a client while submitting their order. Your paper will be completed either at or before the due date and time that is set by the urgency you select while filling the order form. For example, if you select 8 hours as the urgency of your paper, you should expect to have your paper completed before the eight hours elapse. Take note that we charge different prices for different deadlines placed by students and the shorter the urgency, the higher the price that we charge.

How will I receive my paper?

When the writer we assign to complete your order is done working on it, they will upload it to the files section of that particular order. You will receive a notification informing you that your order has been completed. Such a notification bears the Order ID to direct you on which order is being referred to. Then, you can be able to download your paper by signing in to your account and going to the files section of that particular order. After downloading the paper, you can rate the writer based on the quality of the work they have done and proceed to approve the order.

Do you store a record of pre-written custom papers?

No, we do not store any database of previously written essays with us. Each custom writing order you place with us is done from scratch ensuring that you get only original content that is specifically tailored to your essay question.

What is my personal student account?

This is an account that is created for you when you successfully post an order at GeekMyHomework.com. It will enable you to access all your posted orders and monitor their progresses until they are completed. You can always sign in to your account to place more orders and to monitor their progress.

How do I change my username?

When you place your first order, your default username will be "Student". To change it and use a name of your choice, click on your username on right top of the screen and go to settings. Insert your current password and the name of your choice then save the details. Your username will be changed successfully.

What if I forgot my password?

You will be asked to create a new password when you place your first order with GeekMyHomework.com. if you happen to forget your password when submitting your subsequent order or when trying to sign in to your account, simply follow the "Forgot your password?" link to reset your password.